you don’t see the struggle

It is very easy to get caught up with how beautiful something or people look on the outside; like my people will say, ‘all na packaging’. I remember when I first ventured into entrepreneurship, nobody told me it was a totally different ball game. I’ll simply say I was one of those people that walked in blindly. I always looked up to big brands (which is a good thing) but all I could see was the glory. Their story has been so packaged that the struggles where all hidden. I could not help but start the comparison. This actually made things worse because I had a lot of my energy diverted into worrying.
I remember always beating myself up. I always wondered why I am struggling with this, it felt like I was the only one. But then, I realised that sometimes it’s good to be on a “yobe” level. You really should not kill yourself, just be sure that you are at your best at every given time. Things will definitely fall in place with time. Are you comparing yourself with people who started way longer than you did? Remember at some point these people paid their dues. Some are still paying it, you just don’t see it.
You’ve got to stop killing yourself. We’ve all got our struggles, carrying a long face every time doesn’t solve it. We brace ourselves, pack it all up and deal with it.
Till next time,
Keep living.

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