Time mastery

“the act of stopping time”

I am really fascinated with time, sometimes I just watch the clock tick. I want to understand it, I mean, to be a master of it. I was at a meeting and we were asked that very soul searching question ‘where do you see yourself in 20 years’?

I started by thinking about how old I would be, it made me shout.

This girl would be in her early forties. Others in the meeting acknowledge the fact that 20 years isn’t such a long time. You can actually tell a story of twenty years of your life in a few minutes. It got me bothered and I said to myself, you have to be making good use of this time. It is precious.

I wrote an article about this subject matter earlier this year.

Here’s a series of recording I made early this year, it is not the best, hence I did not initially intend to share it. Rather than wait for perfection, here it is. There are about five steps involved.

Step 1: Setting clear goals

To find out more on goal setting, follow the links below, to access practical steps to help with the process.

Goal setting 1

Goal setting 2

Time mastery step 1

Step 2: Using advanced planning

A to-do list is important, I know that sounds cliché.

There is an article about planning your day right here, personally I have been a lot more productive planning ahead and you could do the same.

The in and out of a year planner.

Time mastery step 2
A brief summary of time mastery

Step 3: Having a priority list.

It is not just enough to have a to-do list, take it a step further and arrange them in order of priority so you can focus more on important activities.

Time mastery step 3

Step 4: Creative procrastination

There is a lot to be done, you may agree with me on this. Remember the priority list talked about in the last episode? This is how you’ll use it. Keep listening:

Time mastery step 4

Step 5: A B C method

The last one. Weldone! You made it. I saw this method somewhere and I thought I should share it. Listen for more details.

Time mastery step 5

Don’t forget to comment and share. I want to know what has worked for you, maybe I could try it too.

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