The entitlement mentality

What does it mean to feel entitled? We all have our respective definitions for entitlement but let’s just work with what the dictionary says:

  • The condition of having a right to have, do, or get something
  • The feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something
  • A type of financial help provided by the government for members of a particular group

Of these definitions, I love the second the most! The feeling or BELIEF that you deserve to be given something. This definition does justice to the topic at hand, you’ll see why, as we move further. Mentality means a state of mind. Certain issues of the mind was addressed in this article, click here to have a look!

Title: A mind purge might be all you need

Back to the topic at hand. The online definition states, “An entitlement mentality is a state of mind in which an individual comes to believe that privileges are instead,  rights, and they are to be expected as a matter of course. Some people have a way of making everything seem like they have a right to it. They feel everybody owes them something. I’m sure very many of us can relate to this example: you run into someone and they all begin to go on and on about how you’ve not been in touch with them, the famous line for this is “you cannot even call somebody”. Most times I just whisper back to myself, you won’t die if you called me too! But somehow they just feel it is their right to be checked on by you.

An entitlement mentality impairs personal growth necessary to qualify us for our own eternal destiny. _Elder Oaks

Another example could be the state of the country, it’s true we deserve basic social amenities. But they are either out of reach or not evenly distributed. While some might sit on the entitlement couch, waiting till everything starts working fine, others are scouting for opportunities and maximizing everyone they come across. There’s no justification for the poor state of our environment but let that not be the reason you stopped chasing your dreams.

The truth is, nobody owes anyone anything! We owe it to ourselves to be what we desire, stop sitting down on the E-couch thinking of what one person was meant to do but didn’t do hence you blame them because you feel stuck. The entitlement mentality is one of the deadliest! The following is bound to happen when you have it:

What the entitlement mentality could cost you.
  1. You lack responsibility: The entitlement mentality is a very deadly one, the fact that you feel you deserve to get everything might actually stop you from taking responsibility of very crucial matters. You’ll just want to wait and claim everything that you deserve. The sad thing about this is that, the world is moving man. It’s not going to wait till you claim your entitlements. Hence you’ve got to start taking responsibility for the happenings in your life.
  2. Actions and consequences no longer matter: here’s a killer though we sometimes have: “I’m entitled to you getting something done for me hence I will not even try to do it”. Why should I anyways? I’ll just wait till you get it done. While many of us are thinking this way, we do not care to factor in, the consequences of not taking that action. Every other person  just seems wrong except us, it turns out that the only person not at fault is you. If you’ve got thoughts like this then it needs to be checked because that’s the entitlement mentality at work. The entitlement mentality is one that hinders us in so many ways hence it should be stopped.
  3. You lose determination: the entitlement mentality makes us expect a lot from people, and most times these things don’t come because really, we are owed nothing. Getting disappointed repeatedly from our emotions can be really frustrating hence we lose our determination because we insisted on waiting for others instead of getting things done.
it never happens all at once but keep taking those baby steps.

Lastly, you keep rocking the E-couch, still waiting and hoping for that entitlement to come. The sad truth is, while you are waiting, life isn’t. Like I said earlier, nobody owes you anything, it really depends on you to take a step and get that which you desire. It never happens all at once but keep taking those baby steps.

Till next time,

Keep living.

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