Dealing with content overload

It’s been over a month since I was sent home for just two weeks and I am still home. I have seen humanity try to adapt to unprecedented change. So far so good, I must say that we are doing a good job. It reminds me of secondary school, the catch acronym for the characteristics of living organisms:


M- Movement

R- Respiration

N- Nutrition


G- Growth

E- Excretion

R- Respiration

  1. Adaptation


D -Death

We were taught that as living organisms we had to compete to survive, now I see where some unhealthy competitions started from. Well, that is not the focus today. I want to talk about the fact that this season we’ve explored our ability to adapt to really difficult situations.

Some business owners have been forced to shut down, some have experienced rapid decline in sales. However the human mind is really creative, adaptive instincts began to kick in. To conquer all of this, a switch had to be made to the virtual space. It was really good for those who already had their businesses online or offered virtual services. Others who didn’t, suddenly realised that this could be the future. Hence, the surge of online content. Different online course platforms opened up free courses. I love it, at least something to help us deal with all that is going on.

When there is too much the problem of what to choose arises

So far, I have learnt to use Adobe Photoshop, in design, illustrator etc. I am not an expert in any yet though. I think I have given up on some, too many things to learn from the free courses. Instagram live sessions is another story. About twenty people on my feed were live at the same time at some point. Spoilt for choice of which to watch?

 Webinars cannot be left out, many free webinars, register here, register there. The confusion is real and the fear of missing out on any begins to taunt me.

It was getting too much!

I am a very creative person, and this season there has been a sudden burst of creativity, there is so much time to do everything that I have always wanted to do. No better time to be alive, my mind is free to roam and be creative. A while back I had begun to ignore everything, the fear of when would this end, started creeping in and the content overload became really annoying.

Why all this knowledge now? At this point I had to do some self-evaluation because, I am an advocate of personal development. I am not one known to evade it. I’ll be sharing a formula I developed for  dealing with the content overload. Hopefully, it helps you not to get overwhelmed and yet learn the most vital of lessons.

  • How does this fit in?

This is your first content filter, there is really no need registering to join a free webinar on how to run a restaurant when you know deep down you have no intentions of running one. There is a lot of content out there, you should be strategic about selecting the ones that fits into your overall purpose. You might have to prioritize because they might  be holding at the same time, always ask the question how does this fit in before gulping down all the content.

  • Knowledge that is not applied is a waste: Sad but true. After acquiring all the knowledge, feeling like humpty dumpty, then execution becomes a problem. If you are on this table, break it and leave. Calculate how many hours you’ve spent on free courses, webinars etc. it must be a lot, all that time is wasted if you refuse to act on the knowledge you’ve acquired. If it fits in, then be ready to execute. Anyone can get knowledge, it is the doing that makes the difference.

I hope that this helps you pick out of the variety available.

Till next time,

Stay safe…

Keep living

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