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Create content like a pro from your smartphone.

Social media has become a tool that cannot be ignored in this virtual economy, some job interviewers even go to people’s social media pages just to check what the content there is like. Because your content gives an insight to your personality. Hence your content creation game has to be an A plus one. Knowing how to make designs and do video editing has become a necessity.

Let’s say you are a small business owner, it is not quite feasible to keep paying a graphics designer or video editor every time you need to get a product out there. Create content like a pro online course is here to help you attract and engage your target audience on social media.

What’s The Investment?

A typical video editor charges at least N10,000 to edit a 1-minute video clip. Assume you need 2 video monthly (of which you need more). In a year, you would spend N20,000 × 12 = N240,000 ($660)


The cheapest graphic designer charges N1,500 for one  design. Based on 3 posts a day, you will need 15 posts a week (weekdays only). That’s a total of 60 posts a month, 720 posts a year.  N1,500 ×7200 = N1,080,000 (approximately $2,840)


In a year, you would spend approximately N1,320,000 ($3470) for poster designs and video editing alone.


Create content like a pro online course includes:

Design like a pro on sparkpost

(Valued at $1,000/N380,000)


Create amazing videos with InShot

(Valued at $1,250/N475,000)


Create stunning 3d mockups

(Valued at $300/N114,000)


Instagram tricks

(Valued at $50/N19,000)


Bonus Resources

(Valued at $20/N7,600)


Total Value: $1,870/N995,600

But your investment for the full bundle is: $40/N20,000


You can get each module individually

Module 1 Design like a pro on spark post: 6,500

Module 2 How to create 3D mockups: 6,000

Module 3 Video editing on inshot: 10,000

What Will I Learn?

  • Features on adobe spark post
  • Types of templates
  • How to edit a template
  • How to create a design from scratch
  • How to create animations and how to save it as a video or as an image
  • How to create carousels
  • Understanding Hex codes and its importance for brand consistency
  • How to download adobe fonts
  • 3 different methods to create a phone 3D mock-up design
  • How to create 3D phone mock-up videos
  • How to create mock-ups designs for your eBook or hard cover books
  • How to create phone 3D mock-up videos for instagram post or IgtTV formats
  • How to edit a video on inshot
  • How to trim/cut/split a videos
  • How to add transitioning effects to videos
  • How to add music/voiceover to your video
  • How to crop out excess portions of your video on inshot
  • How to change video formats
  • How to add filter and distortion effects to your videos on inshot
  • How to add logo to your videos
  • How to covert pictures to slideshow with voiceover and music

Topics for this course

31 Lessons

Module 1: Learn how to create graphics on your smartphone using Adobe spark post

How to edit a template00:14:31
Common mistakes beginner designers make10:01
How to create a design from scratch00:12:32
How to create carosels00:13:55
How to design animations00:11:21
Understanding Hex codes and its importance for brand consistency00:3:13

Module 2: Learn all the tricks needed to create 3D mock-ups for free

Module 3: Step up your video editing game

Module 4 (Instagram tricks)

Bonus resources

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • A well explained video on each topic.


  • A smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Adobe spark post app
  • Inshot app

Target Audience

  • Anyone with an open mind

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