An advice that changed my 2018



Many times, we all think that an advice is meant to come in a subtle environment. The advisor sits you down and tells you slowly about the way out or what you should do. I beg to disagree, one of the best piece of advice I got this year was never said to me.


I know you must be thinking so how did you get it? This girl has come again with a new one! Patience, please stay with me. So 2018 started, as usual I had written down my prayer requests on a sheet of paper and prayed over it and that was it. (Don’t get me wrong please, it is most important to pray about your desires.) No plans, no nothing. I was just going to go through the year and let it roll away. You know, living each day as it comes to me. On this faithful day, something happened. I do not really remember the details. I think it was a phone call, a friend and I were having a conversation and she mentioned something about getting a year planner.

I do not think I have really heard that before, perhaps I have but I never really thought about it. The most ridiculous part of everything was the amount she had spent to get a year planner. I decided to go to her room to see for myself. So I went there and was like where is that your planner? I was dazed, I wondered why a human being would spend over 10,000 naira on something that looks like a jotter. It made me think deep, then I said to myself: this must be really important then, maybe I should get mine.

Oops! merry Christmas in advance


Quickly like most other decisions I make, I ran off to Instagram to see if I could get something cheaper, there’s no way I’m gonna spend that amount on “just” a jotter you know. Laughs, FAM that was like the cheapest. I was quite sad but I never really give up once I want something, so I carried myself to booksellers. This was in February, I went to the booksellers exactly 6th of February. On getting there, they said all their 2018 planners had finished. I still wasn’t going to give up so I searched for an alternative. Alas! I found a big diary and I bought it.

From being clueless and confused, I finally had something to articulate my thoughts with. It wasn’t just scribbling stuff anywhere, I could track my progress. Looking back now, every huge step I had to take I wrote them down in this planner and now looking at how many things I could tick off the list gives me joy. It was way more than a jotter. There were days I did not touch my planner, but those days went unaccounted for.

what do you think of a year planner? let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

year planner

Overall, my year was more organised because of an advice I saw. Thank you T
Till next time,
Keep living.

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  • Over 10k keh. I’m not sure about that. Can’t I just download one?

  • I used to coast along too without much plans for the year. Then I started making plans, though for me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a new month, week or year. I’d just write what I wanted to achieve within the period. But big mistake I made, which I think most others make is not to write out strategic steps to meet those goals.
    So “the what” gets written but “the how” is not included. Back to zero point.
    All thanks to my improvised planner, basically a jotter I made lines in, I wrote plans and then steps to carry them out. As you said, was able to track progress and employ alternatives. Now, I have extra ginger from you to go write for 2019. Well done J!

  • Pls how can one get one to plan for 2019? Can it be gotten at ui bookshop?

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