“Life is a journey with no road map but it would do a lot good to find one before starting off”.

Ebengho Judith Osarumen is a medical student at The University of Ibadan. She’s Bini by tribe from the ancient city of Benin in Edo state. She’s a passionate Christian. She likes to dream big, you don’t pay for it so why limit your dreams? She’s a very imaginative person so poetry comes to her naturally. She’s a reader, she loves to feed her mind with good books.

It is important that we are deliberate about life and not just moving with the flow, to that effect, Judith wrote an eBook titled “Before Twenties”. It covers a range of topics she feels a young person should be equipped with at a very early stage. Guess what? It is free, to download click here.

Judith hosts the JM Show, a personal development podcast where she focuses on major life lessons and how they can be navigated. It is a must listen if you are on a personal development journey. Judith is the Creative Director of Judith’s Munir Limited, a multinational conglomerate that acts as the parent company for multiple business initiatives; ranging from property to soft skills.

Judith’s main focus is on helping young adults & young professionals unravel the best versions of themselves in order to live an intentional and fulfilled life.

This is her safe corner to share some life lessons she’s picking up, she hopes they help you just as they have helped her so far. Feel free to always contact her via any of the social media platforms, remember it can always be fixed if the problem is identified. She looks forward to hearing from you.

Keep living

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