In my own words (IMOW) is a podcast on personal growth and everyday life happenings. Hosted by Judith Ebengho. Here, she talks about issues, how she understands them and the best way they can be handled also. This podcast sheds more light on certain dealings that should be taken seriously, in order to create that dream life you desire.

2018 ended with all the fuzz about setting goals for the New Year! Finally the new year; 2019 finally came in. I guess we are still pumped about it!

A goal properly set is halfway reached.
– Zig Ziglar

Still about being intentional, last week we started talking about the steps involved in goal setting. They include:

  • step 1: Know your goal
  • step 2: Take charge
  • step 3: Action step

To learn more about the first episode, click here.

how to get all you want!

Today’s episode talks about the final step which is called THINK GOAL!

think goal

I trust that with these two episodes we would be able to achieve jaw dropping goals in 2019.

Grow! Expand! Live out every aspect of your life.

Till next time,

 Keep living.

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