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7 reasons why you must love you


7 reasons why you must love you


7 reasons why you must love you

Have you ever been in conversations with some people and you just discover that they have so much self-hate, or rather pity. They just they are no good. I remember being with someone once and she looked in the mirror and said is this how a human being should look? Right there, I wondered why so much hate though?
Self-love isn’t about idolizing yourself, it is about allowing yourself feel your own love and approval!
It is in the nature of man to always want to be appreciated. You will agree that whenever you did something nice and didn’t receive a well-done for it there is this dull feeling that you get, some people even feel very angry. This is someone else not appreciating you and you’ll admit that the feeling is not so good. Then why don’t you appreciate yourself? Why don’t you tell yourself well-done whenever you’ve done something really good? A lot of us seek for people’s approval when we’ve not even approved of ourselves first. Loving yourself is not optional, it is crucial.

• If you don’t, who will?
• you are an original
• you would be more productive
• you can only give what you have
• you deserve happiness
• your opinion matters too
• you owe it to your world

If you don’t, who will?

This reminds me of the famous Dettol commercial that says “if I do not take care of them, who will?” Allow me rephrase this, if you do not love you, who will? It all begins with you really. Sometimes you’ve just got to show others that you are valuable by treating yourself as such. The truth is people will never price you above the value you place on yourself.

Do not get me wrong, you are obviously not a commodity to be bought but you’ve got value. Let’s take this case scenario, let’s say you go to the supermarket to purchase a nice pair of sneakers. When you asked for the price and the seller says it’s 40$ will you go ahead to say no let me pay a 100$? I doubt that, you are definitely going to ask for a lower price or buy it at that same amount. The same goes for us as humans, you first state your value before expecting others to treat you as valuable. Remember, nobody would place you above the value you’ve placed on yourself. It all begins with you.

You are an original

We all know that no two individual is the same, that’s old news. Even if you find someone who thinks just like you do, there is always a distinction. You were solely created for a purpose that is fit for only you! Yes you! And that gap is something only you can fill. You are an original, there’s actually no one like you. Yes, despite all the flaws, it’s all part of the unique package you carry, embrace it all and love yourself through it all. Take out time to make this original (you) feel loved, take out time to develop this original, like I said it all begins with you and this original deserves love.

You would be more productive

For some of us, the only thing holding us back is us! The fact that you feel you are not good enough has make you retarded in diverse areas of your life. Loving yourself would make you more confident in you and this would breed action. You’ll be more productive to express all that you’ve been made for, you’ll give yourself the permission to fulfil purpose. Research has shown that 80% of the limitations a man faces is self-made, just 20% is due to external factors. Just maybe that thing holding you back is solely because you feel that you are not good enough. Just let go of yourself, allow yourself to be loved by you and allow you be more productive.


you would be productive

You only give what you have

There’s a famous saying “you can only give what you have”. This is very true, if you should ask someone for something, it can only be given to you if they have it. You really cannot show love to others if you do not first have it. It would be really difficult trying to force it, this is why it is very frustrating being around bitter people, they just can’t be nice or friendly, they do not just have it in them hence they can’t give it! If you want to be all nice and lovely to people, first show yourself love and the rest would take off from there.


you only give what you have

You deserve happiness

You actually deserve to be happy, allow yourself the feeling. Joy is free, you do not buy it so why deprive yourself of the happiness you can get by showing yourself and others love? Maybe you get thoughts that make you feel like you do not deserve happiness because of something you’ve done, hence you allow yourself feel pain because you feel that you deserve it. For how long are you going to do that? How long are you going to live in your shadows? Be willing to forgive yourself and move to find happiness, because you really deserve it!


you deserve happiness

Your opinion matters too

A lot of us live our lives based on the opinion of others. You let what you can do and cannot do be determined by others. It’s sad to announce that if you’ve been letting the wrong voices determine the choices you make then you’ve been living way below your life purpose. It is okay to seek approval from others on certain issues but sometimes you are the last person you seek approval from, why? You do not like you, hence you feel your opinions do not matter. Well they matter, they do especially when all you get are negative comments from others. Sometimes you’ve just got to pat yourself in the back and give yourself some accolades! Because if you don’t nobody will. Choose to love yourself and allow your relevant opinions count in running your life.


your opinion matters too

You owe it to your world

Remember how you are an original? And that you need to let yourself feel loved in other to maximize your productivity? Then you’ll understand why this point is valid. You owe it to your world to be maximally productive, you can’t keep living as a shadow of your original self. There is something in you that the world is waiting for. Allow yourself fulfil purpose there’s so much resource in you, do not allow it waste to self-hate and pity.


you owe it to your world

In conclusion, You deserve some accolades from you sometimes. Get on and show the world what an original you are, allow you succeed, begin loving yourself today!

Till next time,
Keep living!


  1. Glen Welker October 27, 2018

    Hey! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good information you’ve gotten right here on this post. I might be coming back to your blog for more soon.

    1. Judith Ebengho December 7, 2018

      please do!!

  2. Evelyn December 1, 2018

    Thank you! 👌

  3. Eden Chika December 3, 2018

    I think loving someone is self-love for two.


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